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Are you ready to level up your leadership, negotiate a new role, and move on to the next chapter of your life confidently? This highly effective workbook will help you attract more of what you want using direction and intention in line with your soul’s calling.

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Senior Product Designer, Microsoft

"Working with Sally taught me how to describe the business value of my product design work and be more confident about my power as a product designer and customer advocate."

Executive, Asana

"You have touched my life and a lot of my career success at this new company; the credit goes to you. Thank you again for everything, Sally."

What's Inside

Take advantage of the renowned Wheel of Life assessment and gain a holistic visualization of the crucial areas of your life. Become empowered to understand the current state of your situation, identify where to focus your energy, and where there’s room to implement impact, positive change.  

Go beyond evaluating the present and start envisioning your future self. This process helps you paint a vivid picture of the life you want to lead, allowing you to take proactive steps to manifest that vision and create a future that aligns with your values.

plus so much more!

Evaluate Your Current Situation

Visualize Your Future

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