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Are you ready to take your creative leaders to the next level? With the signature Clear Channel Coaching 90-day program, you can empower your employees to achieve their potential and unlock their brilliance as influential, charismatic leaders.

Whether they need to enhance their leadership skills, navigate new roles with confidence, or gain clarity on their professional journey, this coaching program is designed to deliver exceptional results.

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UX and Product Design Leadership in Silicon Valley for Apple, Yahoo! and Meta

30+ years

Professional Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Coaches Training Institute

certified coach

Executive Design Leaders Supported Dorelle Rabinowitz, Julie Baher, and Greg Nudelman


Empowered leaders aren’t just the backbone of your organization. When creative leaders in tech have the confidence, clarity, and know-how to reach their goals, they can change the world.

But when your leaders are under pressure, burnt out, or unsure how to best serve your organization, it can stunt company growth. The greater the responsibility of your employees, the wider the impact they have. When a leader burns out or loses their passion and moves on, the cost is counted not just in terms of productivity but in dollars.

By choosing executive soul coaching for your creative leaders, you can outsource their personal and professional growth and positively impact organizational success.

Your leaders will become influential, empowered, and equipped to drive innovation, inspire teams, attract and retain top talent, and make a lasting cultural, business, and customer impact.

Delegate effectively to enhance the strengths of team members and the direction of your company. 

Lead courageously and discover how to ask powerful questions to avoid being blindsided by outdated narratives. 

Inspire trust in teams and lead with genuine curiosity to solve problems in ways that ignite their creativity as a leader. 

Are the Executive Leaders in Your Team Achieving Their Potential?

They will discover how to:

...based solely on the merits of her personality and your connection with her. Those seeking extra gravitas in a design-oriented field have a lot to gain from working with her.”

Senior Director, Concentrix

“I wholly endorse having a coaching relationship with Sally

...and understand my contributions to the team in the workplace. You are the perfect individual to give honest insight and wisdom to anyone struggling to identify their professional strengths and weaknesses.”

Technical Account Manager,
Amazon Web Services

"You helped me to define my leadership style...

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Executive Coaching Is The Perfect Fit For Ambitious, Growth-Minded Creative Leaders In Tech, Including:

Director of Product Design

UX & Design Leader

Head of Product Design

Chief Design Officer

Head of User Research






Over 90 days, creative leaders work towards achieving the highest expression of their leadership potential with a program that focuses on four key areas: Relevance, Relationships, Reputation & Routines.

How executive soul coaching works

Together, we delve into where they’re at now, their vision for where they’d like to be, and what’s been holding them back.

We establish stakeholder communication strategies to help build rapport with people whose opinions have power or influence over them and their teams.

Building routines that amplify productivity, goal attainment, and positive impact.

Brand building to ensure their reputation as an inspirational leader at your organization precedes them.

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Invest in the Success of Your Creative Leaders

The direction of your company depends on decisive leadership. In today's competitive business landscape, organizations need creative leaders who can think outside the box, drive innovation, and inspire teams to achieve exceptional results.

Leaders are six times more engaged when they lead from their strengths. And, when this is relayed to their teams, your organization can expect greater profitability.

According to 30 years of leadership research by GalluP...

Executive soul coaching is designed to help your organization unlock 

enabling them to become influential, empowered, and visionary leaders capable of making a significant impact.

Through a unique combination of book-based exercises and training (about 1 hour per week) and direct, 1:1 support, coaching clients discover what they need to do to reach their professional goals and true potential.

the full potential of your employees

Your employee will enhance their leadership skills, develop a clear sense of purpose and vision, and cultivate the ability to navigate complex challenges confidently. They will gain the tools and strategies to effectively communicate and motivate teams, make informed decisions, and drive positive change.

By investing in your creative leaders' personal and professional growth, you show a commitment to their success and well-being. By empowering your leaders to step into their brilliance, you also enhance your organization's reputation as an employer of choice.

When your creative leaders are empowered and inspired, they become catalysts for organizational growth and success. They will become strategic thinkers – capable of envisioning and executing transformative initiatives that propel your organization forward.

Strong leadership sets the tone for the entire organization. When creative leaders undergo executive soul coaching, they develop a leadership style emphasizing empathy, authenticity, and emotional intelligence.

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Enhance Leadership Effectiveness

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Drive Organizational Growth and Success

Cultivate a Positive Work Culture

Coaching as a Catalyst for Change

Elevate company performance to unparalleled levels with the strategic guidance and support of executive coaching. Witness firsthand how coaching can drive success, improve employee engagement, and enhance organizational effectiveness. 

What does the evidence say?

Companies who invest in talent development see a 24% higher profit margin.1

Workplaces with highly engaged workforce experience a 40% lower turnover.2

70% of coaches report improved work performance thanks to coaching.3

85% of top managers who receive coaching perform better than their peers in soft skills.4 

The return on investment (ROI) for companies who invest in developing soft skills such as resilience and agility is 25%.5

When employees feel a strong sense of belonging, there is a 56% increase in job performance.6

Companies that invest in their employee’s experience see a 51% increase in retention.7

Are you ready to maximize your company potential, empower your teams, and thrive in today's competitive landscape?

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As a former chief design officer, product designer, and leader at Apple, Yahoo!, Meta, and startups in Silicon Valley, I’ve spent 20+ years learning what it takes to overcome glass ceilings, build resilience, and confidently lead.

Since 2019, I have implemented my signature coaching program to support incredible, influential, career-minded leaders. My goal? To help creative leaders working in tech become the type of senior leader savvy startups and Fortune 100 companies compete to hire.

Coach, Former Chief Design Officer, Speaker & Author.

Hi, I’m Sally Grisesale

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Professional Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Coaches Training Institute

Fellow of The Royal Society Of Arts

Graduate of The Harvard Executive Program AIGA Business Perspectives For Design Leaders

Graduate of The Neuroscience Of Change Program For Coaches

Accelerate the impact and potential of your team by investing in their future and increasing their professional net worth. With coaching, your leaders will learn to identify their inner critic, improve at their job, and become more creative, impactful team members.

Introduce this highly-effective, 90-day coaching program to your executive leaders and transform your organization from the inside out.

Give Your Executive Team

the chance to shine

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