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An open discussion about your current situation and how limiting blocks and glass ceilings may have hindered your progress toward achieving your aspirations.

Information about how soul coaching can build your leadership strengths, activate your creative superpowers, and bring your visions into reality.

A chance to discover whether we’re an energetic match and if my coaching style, experience, and expertise align with your needs and preferences.

Powerful, personalized insights from a certified coach and experienced creative leader who has been in your shoes.

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You’re ready to step into your future as a confident, creative leader, truly aligned with your inner purpose.

You’re ready to make the impact you know you’re capable of – on your team, your industry, and the world.

You want to experience a higher level of self-awareness and define your own version of success as a leader.

You want to go beyond leadership training and self-help books and embrace a more effective, transformative pathway to creative leadership success.

You’re ready to become a charismatic, magnetic leader who inspires others and positively shapes the culture of your organization.

You’re committed, open, coachable, and ready to start your transformation journey as a creative leader in tech.

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Hear From These Transformed Clients…

“You helped me through a really tough time, gave me goalposts, and acknowledged that it's not just me. You’ve been there and can offer accurate suggestions for dealing with everything. Plus, you are super caring and empathetic. I come out of our session feeling ready to take it all on.”

Managing Director
JPMorgan Chase & Co 

“Thank you for being my guiding light, encouraging me, and making me feel reasonable and more self-aware. You listened to me, and I felt very comfortable talking to you. Your positive vibe made me smile even while discussing the most challenging problems.”

Senior UX Researcher
Charles Schwab

“You helped me to define my leadership style and understand my contributions to the team in the workplace. You are the perfect individual to give honest insight and wisdom to anyone struggling to identify their professional strengths and weaknesses.”

Technical Account Manager
Amazon Web Services

“I wholly endorse having a coaching relationship with Sally based solely on the merits of her personality and your connection with her — but those seeking extra gravitas in a design-oriented field have a lot to gain from working with her.” 

Senior Director

“I regained my perspective of what was possible, which set me up to attract an executive role in a company that nurtured my soul. She was in my court and supported me as I landed my dream job at a startup, working alongside other leaders I admire greatly.” 

Design Director

“Sally is patient, kind, and good at helping me make a personalized plan based on my goals, strengths, and weaknesses, breaking it into achievable steps, and holding my hands to go through the entire journey. I'd highly recommend Sally if you seek help with your career and life.”

Technical Account Manager
Amazon Web Services

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