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The understanding I gained from coaching with Sally helped me through a really tough time, and on to finding my next role at a later stage startup as the most senior design leader at the company.

Sally Truly understands what’s important to me, my values, my triggers, some underlying strengths, what I love to do, what I’m good at.

She’s been there, and can offer up real suggestions for dealing with all the stuff, and she tailors my coaching sessions to meet my needs and every week I get a plan.

Dorelle R.
VP Design. Workrise

I had an amazing coaching experience with Sally. She’s a perfect blend of insightful, patient, caring and challenging.

Her ability to understand and synthesize what I was exploring in ways that she could bounce back to me brought a lot of clarity.

Central to our coaching relationship is her expertise in my field of design. It informed her analysis and was key to my ability to hear and trust her as my coach.

Those seeking extra leadership gravitas in a design-oriented field have a lot to gain from working with her.

Mason W.
VP Design. PK Experience Engineering

When I started my coaching with Sally, I was feeling lonely, stuck and sad about being laid off 8 months before and landing at a job so very different from the one I had that I was judging it to be unfulfilling to me.

Through coaching I’ve grown my professional presence, making new relationships out of my virtual meetings. I have rededicated myself to having goals at home and work, while staying present to my children’s and spouse’s needs.

Thank you for getting me through my year of grief and soul searching. I am in such a better place now. A lot of that growth I owe to you.

Learning Experience Designer
Kaiser Permanente

I came to Sally to move up the ladder to senior designer. As a result of coaching with her 4 magical changes occurred:

  1. I got the promotion to senior designer!
  2. I am calmer and my communication skills have improved.
  3. I am more aware of my strengths and weaknesses and how people perceive me.
  4. I am much happier at work and at home, and I learned to accept myself as I am.

I had trust and confidence in Sally because she is a design expert and executive who has been there and done that.

She created a safe space where I could share my innermost thoughts without the fear of being judged.

I would highly recommend working with Sally.

Mitali K.
Sr UX Designer

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