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Workflow Solutions Company

Head of Design

What started as ‘Can you please help me onboard to a leadership role in a new company’ (after working at Google for 10 years), turned into coaching conversations with lessons, perspectives and tools that will guide me through the rest of my career. 

You have helped me find the leader inside that I aspire to be and instilled confidence in me that I can be the best version of that image. You are a Wonderful coach Sally.

I really enjoy talking to you, you're a great listener, you were able to investigate my own thoughts and emotions a few level deeper than I was able to on my own, and asked me the right question, for which I could share those feelings and emotions that I was unable to identify were influencing me until that moment. 

This was an amazing experience. It's the first time I did any coaching. It has changed my perception for the better, and it's been amazing.

My wife says thank you. You have not just helped me, but you have helped me to eliminate a lot of work stress, and that gave me and my wife more time to be together, so thank you!

Thank you again for everything Sally. You have really touched my life and a lot of my success in my career here at my new company, the credit goes to you.

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Q: What have you experienced as a leader as a result of coaching?
I realized that it was not more knowledge I needed, but confidence in the knowledge that I already know enough. That was extremely exhilarating. It made me feel so liberated.

Q: What do you mean by exhilarated?
I look forward to the meetings now, even though I haven’t read up on every single thing ahead of the meeting. I know I can contribute just because of who I am. 

This evolution is very helpful. If I didn't break out of that old mold, I'd still be thinking there’s 10 notes I haven't read and 15 presentations I haven’t fully assimilated. 

In reality, no one knows everything. What I really need to do is to develop this sense of detachment and build my relationships with the cross functional team, not be isolated reading up to know I’m the best informed person in the room. 

Q: How will you acknowledge yourself?
A: I’ve grown up. I really like the way I am turning out. 

Charles Schwab

Senior UX Researcher

Thank you for being my guiding light, encouraging me, and making me feel reasonable and more self-aware. You listened to me, and I felt very comfortable talking to you. Your positive vibe made me smile even while discussing the most challenging problems. 

The company I truly want to work for just hired me, and this is possible because of your encouragement. Great coaches are hard to find. I am so thankful to have found one in you!



You helped me through a really tough time, gave me goalposts and acknowledgement that it's not just me

You’ve been there, and can offer up real suggestions for dealing with all the stuff. Plus, you are super caring and empathetic. I come out of our session feeling ready to take it all on. You know your stuff, you tailor the sessions to my needs. I’ve felt supported but every week I get a plan.



Strap yourself in and get ready for a journey of self-discovery and accountability!

Sally will insightfully explore exactly what you need to look deeply at in each session, and craft unique experiences for the work you need to do to help you get unstuck and go for your goals.



Sally is the perfect individual to give honest insight and wisdom to anyone who struggles with identifying their professional strengths and weaknesses.

A true example of a Mentor/Coach and catalyst for someone's success in their professional development.



Through coaching with Sally I've learned what's unique about me. My cultural, educational background, and the environment I grew up in, all contribute to who I am and where I am at today. 

Now I'm able to connect my goals with my own self and feel more conscious of who I am and what I want. I feel more confident and more comfortable with being myself. I've stopped looking at other people and thinking that's the way I should be living. Instead, I live up to my own values and goals. 
Sally helped me to really get focused on what's important to me and taking action and not dwell on negative feelings caused by self-criticism and lack of achievements.

​I feel more comfortable opening myself up to other people - I'm not afraid of asking for other people's thoughts or sharing my thoughts with them. 

Let me help you realize your leadership potential today!