Goal planning is a gift you give yourself to bring what you truly want into your life. Discover step by step the gaps in your life’s satisfaction today, how to create a more fulfilled life, and make a map for how to achieve it. 

Steal my goal planning process!

Kaiser Permanente

Myra, Learning Experience Design Leader

After being laid off from a job I loved, I was feeling lonely, stuck and sad. I’m in such a better place now I have a new role focussing on my passion for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Thank you for helping me, Sally. A lot of my growth I owe to you.

PK Experience Engineering

Mason, Vp Design

Those seeking extra leadership gravitas, in a design-oriented field, have a lot to gain from working with Sally.

Her expertise in design was key to my ability to hear and trust her as my coach.

When you have a clear direction and a destination over the life you can control, you feel motivated. When you are motivated you’re happier and become clear. With clarity you can make decisions easily. 
Are you ready to improve your satisfaction in life? 

Then let's begin.  

What You'll Get

Busy entrepreneur, coach and former product design leader at Apple, Facebook and Yahoo! I have a lot going on. I know you do, too!

My mission is to help you find the gaps in your life satisfaction, discover what you truly want and create a roadmap for getting there.

Whether that’s realizing you are over indexed in your career at the cost of having great friends and loving relationships, or living a life of constant reaction to others' needs that leaves you drained. 

Follow the steps in the ultimate goal planning workbook and you can craft the life you really want, not the life you’re putting up with!

You deserve it.

Hey, I'm Sally!