Meet Sally, The #1 Coach for Design Leaders

As a former chief design officer and UX and product design leader at Apple, Yahoo!, and Facebook, I’ve learned to live my life by design and help other design leaders do the same.

Today, I coach UX design leaders to become the senior leaders that savvy startups and fortune 100 companies compete over to hire. 

My theory is that if you put in the work to develop your strength as a business leader, a customer advocate, and a master of your craft, you will deliver incremental revenue for the business and secure your place in the ‘C-Suite.’

Supporting the next generation of design leaders is my passion. Seeing the work of UX product design teams take a back seat to competing business agendas is my nemesis!

Work with me, and I’ll show you how to make the right choices, so your product design leadership is a recognized source of competitive advantage.

About Sally

I believe that every designer, researcher and content designer deserves the tools to practice their craft in organizations that don’t demand you be a certain age, gender, ethnicity, or come from a particular school. My mission is to help you be more agile, aware, and human in your leadership, influence, and impact.

My program delivers the articles, exercises, tools, and coaching to grow your leadership so you become the design executive who rival companies will compete over to have you on their team.

Sadly, many of us aren’t taught the financial value of our work as designers, researchers, and content designers. This makes it hard to operate effectively as a leader if you can’t explain how product design drives the bottom line.

Product design professionals have incredible skills in problem solving, and until the true value of your contribution is taught, I’m here to offer that fundamental training in the business of design.

My coaching will help you become the charismatic thought leader whose contribution drives business value and attracts top talent, so you earn the status and compensation that comes from working at the highest level of leadership.

My Mission

Are you a new director, vice president, or chief design officer?

Are you looking for a better fit at work or to acquire new skills to level up your leadership game?

I’m here to coach, motivate, strategize, and help you reach the highest levels of your potential, even when you don’t think you can.

Let’s get started!

How I Can Help You

Let me help you lead with confidence, influence and impact.