Yahoo! Go 2006

Yahoo! Go Mobile Design Vision

The ChallengeTo enable customers with different types of phone and carriers to have a unified experience of Yahoo! on their mobile device.

The Results  – Yahoo! Go solved this problem with a Java-based client application. I oversaw the design of a “game changing” interaction carousel led by Pamela Mead. The carousel seamlessly integrated Yahoo! micro sites onto a single platform, where users could effortlessly navigate all their Yahoo! information and content services from one place. Yahoo! Go was deployed as beta software and won the Best Made for Mobile Infotainment for Sports & News Content award for Infotainment by GSMA in 2008.

Yahoo! News Redesign 2004

Yahoo News Redesign
Yahoo! News before and after the redesign

The Challenge – Yahoo! News was the largest online news site in the world. To maintain its appeal readers needed up-to-the minute, comprehensive, appealing content that was easy to  navigate. For advertisers, new integrated ad units were needed to offer more value as well as sponsorship opportunities they could underwrite. I led the redesign of a customized digital news experience targeted at specific customer segments informed by both quantitative and qualitative customer insights.

The Results – Following the launch of the redesign, Yahoo! News moved to #1 news site category on the web according to Neilson Netratings. Web site traffic exploded and unique visitors increased 5x within 1 year of launch

Sally came up with very clever solutions to devilish problems – like how to display a lot of information on one page without overwhelming the reader… These were radical ideas that Google News aped a couple years later… While I like to brag about Yahoo News’ explosive growth as one of the highlights of my career, Sally truly deserves more of the credit”.  Kourosh Karimkhany, Senior Producer of Yahoo! News

Yahoo! Sports Redesign 2003

The Challenge – Evolving the popular sports website to compete head to head with rivals Fox and Sportsline posed huge challenges. The site had to compete on content against media companies such as ESPN or proprietary right owners like the NFL and MLB. We had to attract fortune 100 advertisers to invest more heavily. We needed to accommodate more sports for each vertical, and design a flexible navigation scheme to accommodate seasonal variations in sports.

The Results  – The redesign set a new standard for online sport media that has been very hard to beat but often imitated. The amount of time spent on each page was greater than on ESPN, Sportsline, and AOL Sports. Unique monthly visitors increased by 52%. The site moved from #4 to #2 on the internet behind market leader ESPN. Sponsors including, Pepsi, Ford, and KFC, invested heavily in the new sponsorship templates for major league sports. Top advertisers Nike, Cingular, Planters, and Tums transformed the fortunes of Yahoo! Sports business revenues.

Yahoo! Movies Redesign 2002

Yahoo! Movies Redesign

The Challenge – To create a site that would attract movie studios to spend advertising dollars and keep users coming back every day to buy tickets to watch films in movie theaters.

For the site to be appealing to movie studios, the website had to offer them sponsorship opportunities, integrate broadband content, editorial reviews and, most important, the promise to sell movie tickets over the web.

For movie fans, we had to create and incentive for them to visit every day, not just on Friday to look for a weekend movie to watch. We achieved this by offering unique daily content informed by the timing of events associated with the flow of movie production.

The Results  – Understanding the movie studios’ timing, established Yahoo! Movies as a part of the entertainment industry. Following the redesign, Yahoo! Movies became the #1 entertainment site. Within a year of the launch, unique monthly visitors increased by 34%.

Sally is a pleasure to work with. She spends time to understand the unique value of everyone she works with, and then leverages that value effectively. She is a product design leader people want to work for, and I enjoyed collaborating with her on many Yahoo! projectsMichael Katz, Usability Research Lead, Yahoo! News, Sport, Movies.