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Excite Mobile Application Design 2000

Excite Mobile Application design

By 2000 mobile phones with Internet capabilities were coming to market. I led the design of Excites mobile apps to gain market share in the emerging mobile market.

The Challenge: To transform popular Excite internet applications email, news, entertainment and weather onto a black and white screen with limited-screen-space, 3 lines being the smallest and with no advertising.

The Results: I designed the first customizable mobile ‘home page’ in the U.S. giving Excite leverage to compete head-to-head with Yahoo! for placement of WAP services on the highly valued mobile home pages of carriers such as Sprint.

Customers had access to their apps. anytime and anywhere providing freedom away from their PC and the possibility of accessing the internet for the first time from their cell phone.

Excite Registration Redesign 2000

Before Redesign of Excite Registration Form and After