School Website

Website Redesign for FengShui School 2007

A new vision for the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui’s website. A great opportunity to enhance the brand appeal to attract new students to learn about the school.

Challenge: The goals of the redesign were three fold.

  1. To create a clean professional new look and feel that would appeal to a wider range of visitors.
  2. To create an exciting dynamic home page that would engage users to explore deeper into the site.
  3. To increase the amount of time visitors spent on the site by offering new content like video reviews, articles from past students, questionnaires, surveys, product merchandising etc.

Response: Establishing the right ‘mood’ for the site was key to its success. A competitive brand audit of other Feng Shui schools revealed a gap in the market for a high impact, professional design with strong visual appeal. Several  mood boards were created and tested. The one chosen used a rich color palette or reds and golds cut with green (image above right).

The mood and color palette brought a vibrant mixture of ancient oriental imagery combined with a modern sensibility which was how the school wished to position its brand in the market.

The imagery, colors and fonts from the mood board were applied to a new layout and a fresh set of page templates were designed to show case new and existing material in an easy to read, simple to use site.

Result: The new vision for the schools website was well received by its leader.

Date 2007

Role Designer