BBC TV Show Visual Styling

BBC Visual Styling for the kids TV show "Clockwise"

During the summer of 1990 I worked for the BBC as a graphic design intern for award winning TV stylist Bernard Heyes. Of the countless projects Bernard had me work on, my sketch for a new Childrens’ show “Clockwise” come to life on TV several months after my internship ended.

Challenge: To develop the visual look n feel for a new kids TV show “Clockwise”. I knew very little about the show and preferred to industriously generate lots of concepts before asking questions of my superiors about what they were looking for.

Response: Sketching ideas for logotypes, titles sequences, content graphics and end credits was how I spent my time. The initial work was all done with paper and pencil. My sketches were reviewed by Bernard and some disappeared for review with the TV show producers.

Result: Six months after leaving my internship and returning to my Graphic Information Design degree, I was watching TV and the show Clockwise came on. I instantly recognized my design applied to the set of the show and was so excited to see my sketch brought to life.

Role: Designer

Year: 1990